CocoMat is the ideal addition for growers seeking a low maintenance irrigation system. The coco fibres and natural latex in a CocoMat wick all the moisture and nutrients a plant requires! Simply place a CocoMat into your garden tray, followed by a layer of root control sheet and sit small pots or seeds trays on top. Fill your garden tray just once and CocoMat will water the plants for up to ten days.

CocoMat can be teamed with an easy2GO Kit to almost eliminate the need for human intervention in watering.

AutoPot offer two sizes of CocoMat both of which can be cut to fit any size of tray. CocoMat Large is ideal for commercial growing operations. Two CocoMat Large fit perfectly into a Garland Giant Plus tray. CocoMat Bundle fits perfectly into a large propagation tray includes a root control sheet.

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