Startrex 5000g

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Organic, probiotic soil conditioner and fertiliser

Organic fertiliser NPK 3-1-2

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Startrex is a 100% organic soil conditioner & fertiliser with a high probiotic bacteria content. It contains a large quantity of soil bacteria that immediately work to improve the soil and ensure better uptake of organic fertilizers. Most potting soils are sterilised to kill weed seeds and germs. This also kills all the beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. The result is that the soil life potting soil takes a long time to become established.  By mixing your potting soil with Startrex, you can ensure that your soil comes to life immediately for your plant to take root more quickly.

The 3 most important components of Startrex are fulvic acids, humus and silicon. Fulvic acid is the major transporter in nature. It enters plant cells and brings nutrients to the cells that need them.


To be used indoors or outdoors, in soil or coco with vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs that are potted or in-ground.

Mix 2 table spoons (25 gr) with every 5 litres of potting soil or coco.


Keep cool and dry. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for consumption.