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The Aquavalve - How It Works
The AQUAvalve is a simple but very effective watering device but needs to be treated with care. Keep the AQUAvalve and the tray it sits in clean, free of obstructions, soil particles and it will help you water & feed your plants for many years. The AQUAvalve is guaranteed for 12 months.

The AQUAvalve is supplied with all the AutoPot systems. Once connected to the water supply the AQUAvalve will control the flow of water to the plants, by simple gravity pressure from a tank or water barrel, no pumps, mains water pressure, electricity or timers are required. Once connected to the tank the AQUAvalve will open and allow water to fill the tray, to a pre-set level of 20mm. When the level is reached the AQUAvalve will shut off and prevent any further water from entering the tray until all the water has been consumed by the plants.

AQUAvalve Advice - Remember to pre-set your AQUAvalve before use. When connecting up using 6mm or 16mm pipe always ensure that the end of the pipe is dipped in hot water, this will make connecting much easier.
When all the water has been consumed and the tray is empty the AQUAvalve will re-open and allow more water to enter the tray. As the plants grow larger the AQUAvalve will open and close more often and will perform in accordance with the plants needs, filling the tray and then allowing it to completely empty before it is re-filled allowing the plants to go through a wet & dry cycle. At AutoPot we call this technology PCI or “Plant Controlled Irrigation”.
AQUAvalve CoverThe AQUAvalve cover if used in conjunction with the AQUAvalve allows the grower to create their own basic but very effective hobby watering system. All that is needed is a flat tray of any shape or size. The user simply places the AQUAvalve in the tray & places the AQUAvalve cover over the top of it. A small weight of any kind needs to be placed on the AQUAvalve cover to weigh it down and the AQUAvalve beneath it, a small pot of compost or a stone will suffice.

Ensure the small hole on the top of the AQUAvalve cover is not blocked.AQUAvalve Advice - Keep the tray & AQUAvalve clean and free of floating growing medium, use a small hand brush to remove any soil stuck to the sides & bottom of the pots before you place them into the tray.

AQUAvalve Step 1
Once the tank is filled with water and liquid feed, it will begin to travel through the pipe from the tank.
It will pass through the AQUAvalve nozzle (1) and into the tray.
As the tray fills (2) with water air is trapped inside the main body and around the ‘inner float’ causing it to try and rise (3).

AQUAvalve Step 2
As the water level increases in the tray the ‘top float’ will rise (1). Releasing the trapped air inside the main body (2).
This will in turn allow the ‘inner float’ to rise and shut off the supply (3). The water level is now 20mm.

AQUAvalve Step 1
Potted plants in the tray will start to reduce the water level (1). As the water level reduces the ‘top float’ will close creating a vacuum inside the ‘main body’ of the AQUAvalve (2).
This vacuum traps water inside the ‘main body’ and in turn keeps the ‘inner float’ up and the incoming water shut off (3).

AQUAvalve Step 2
When the water level in the tray has run out completely (1) the surface tension around the main body of the AQUAvalve will break, this can take up to 30 minutes. As this happens all the water that is trapped inside the ‘main body’, keeping the ‘inner float’ up and the water supply shut off is released, allowing the ‘inner float’ (2) to drop and open the water supply (3).

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